Laboratory results

Measuring is knowing

We at Landracer find it extremely important that our products and mainly our CBD oils in this matter, meet all expectations in the field of active Cannabidiol in our oils. We test each batch for cannabinoids so that we can guarantee the percentage of active CBD in our CBD oils.

Active Cannabidiol also called CBD is the percentage that is actively present in the product. The active content of Cannabidiol can be read from the percentages on the laboratory result. This is also carried out by an independent laboratory, with a lot of experience in the field of cannabinoids. Besides having a lot of experience and knowledge, they work closely with the University of Valencia in Spain.

Why we are testing with independent Laboratory

By means of laboratory results we can give you an indication of the cannabinoids present in our products. Because it is a natural product, it is possible that the content differs slightly per bottle, but because we can adapt our formula flexibly depending on the raw materials that we ultimately get delivered. It will never be more than half a percent active cannabinoids.


The batch numbers are listed on the inside of the packaging. The matching laboratory result can be found on this page. It can happen that a laboratory result is not yet online. This means that you have received a vial of the newest batch. If you are very curious. Then you can always contact us via the contact form.

Recent test results

Laboratory results June 2018

Laboratory results February 2018

Laboratory results October 2017

Laboratory results September 2017

Laboratory results 2016

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