What is CBD

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Now that the hemp industry is growing rapidly worldwide, and more and more people are discovering the wonders of the Hemp plant, more and more scientific research is being carried out all over the world, which shows that there is much more to be discovered about the substances that are hidden in this magical plant.

But what is CBD

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol, a substance produced by the hemp plant. The hemp plant contains more than 60 types of cannabidioids. Of these, the substance CBD is the most commonly used in food supplements. However, there are still many questions about CBD and its effects today. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese discovered the CBD and became very popular in a very short time and was used for various purposes.

What does CBD do with your Body?

The body’s own metabolism between body and mind is called the “endocannabinoid system”. This ensures that cells in a specific area work effectively. The substances that stimulate this are Cannabinoids. These substances are produced by our own body and can be supplemented with CBD. When you do that, CBD is absorbed into the blood and can activate receptors in the endocannabinoid system. There have been many studies in recent years into the effect of CBD, only these studies are preclinical and therefore no medical claims can be made.

Is CBD the same as cannabis or weed?

CBD is not obtained from the hemp plants as many people think from the cannabis plant. Cannabis is the collective term for all types of hemp and weed that originate from the Cannabis Sativa plant species. In addition, there is now a lot of confusion between the terms CBD oil and weed oil. In one of our previous blogs we discussed this in more detail.

See: The difference between CBD oil and Cannabis oil.

What is the difference between the premium Variant and the RAW Variant?

In the premium version, the oil extracted from the plant is heated. This leaves a pure form of CBD extract, which is mixed with hemp oil again.
In the RAW variant, the whole hemp plant is used. This oil is not heated, but the extract is obtained in a different way. Contains other important cannabinoids such as CBD-a, CBC, CBN, CBV and CBG
The taste of the RAW variety is often sharper and more bitter than the premium variant. This is because all the acids of the plant have been preserved.
In the premium version, only the tops of the plant are used, which makes it often slightly more expensive than the RAW variant.
This is basically what CBD is, but if you have any questions you can always contact us, we will gladly advise you on your choice.

CBD oil is not a substitute for prescribed medication and we therefore recommend that you inform yourself about CBD oil before you switch to its use. If you are considering stopping medication by replacing CBD, always discuss this with your doctor or specialist at all times. CBD oil is a dietary supplement and therefore no substitute for medication.

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