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We are regularly asked if you can take CBD oil abroad.

The Netherlands has the Opium Act, but also applies a tolerance policy. CBD oil is legal here (with the exception of production, which in turn is legal across the border). This makes it confusing for many people, but what about when you go on vacation and still want to take your CBD oil with you. After all, you do not want to miss your daily amount of CBD.

How do you travel?

There are a number of countries in Europe that fall within the Schengen area. That is a treaty between those countries, that you as a resident of the EU can travel freely within those countries. If you travel by bus, boat, train or car, there is no problem in these countries.

Although CBD oil is also legally available in many European countries, it is wise, for example, to report at the border or customs of the country concerned that you have CBD oil with you.

An airport has a strict check-in at customs and your hand baggage will also investigate people more intensively. Customs is strict and you may get questions if you have CBD oil with you. Here is a connection with hemp and for customs this has an illegal stamp.

If you want to know which rules apply to which airport you can simply find the website of the airport where you are going by searching for keywords at Google. If you fly to Rome, simply enter “customs” and “Rome”.

Outside of Europe

When traveling outside Europe, we advise against taking CBD oil with you. Not in all countries CBD oil is known, let alone the difference between THC oil and CBD oil. To avoid problems, you should not take any risks and leave the CBD at home. You can ask the doctor for a medical certificate, the question is whether a medical certificate is sufficient, since there are many countries that are not yet aware of medical cannabis. Fortunately, they are getting more and more.

Always inform before you travel, at the customs of a particular country or at the embassy. They can usually help you there.


The further you travel, the more difficult it is. Keep that in mind when planning a trip. If you really need CBD oil and you can not live without it, you may have to adjust your travel destination. Or you do everything possible to legally get permission to bring a bottle for your own use.

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